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Reasonable Prices, Group Discounts, Non-Profit Discounts, Family Discounts

When getting prices from other instructors, training centers or training sites, ask what all the price includes. Ask how many instructors per students. Our manikins are in compliance with the new 2019 standards.

Our prices include a book, the instructor(s), the card and the course material
  • BLS Provider
  • ACLS Skills
  • PALS Skills
  • Family and Friends
  • Emergency Oxygen
  • Heartsaver CPR AED
  • Skills for BLS Provider and Heartsaver Courses
  • Heartsaver First Aid
  • Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED
  • Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR AED
  • Heartsaver Bloodeborne Pathogens
  • Stop The Bleed
  • Mental Health First Aid Instructor

CPR, First Aid & AED Training

Reasonable Prices, Group Discounts, Non-Profit Discounts, Family Discounts

Our CPR and First Aid training is designed to help individuals with little to no medical experience understand basic life-saving skills in case of an emergency. During this course, you will be able to recognize a variety of life-threatening emergencies Our CPR class is designed to teach students how to quickly perform high-quality chest compressions.

The AED Traning is designed for individuals with little to no  healthcare experience. This course is also known as Automated External Defibrillator, which teaches individuals how and when the best time to use an AED on individuals who are in need of life-saving help. All classes combine both written course material as well as hands-on simulations. After successfully completing either class you will be provided with your course completion card which is valid for two years.

ACLS & PALS Training

Reasonable Prices, Group Discounts, Non-Profit Discounts, Family Discounts

The ACLS training class, also known as Advanced Cardiac Life Support, is designed to teach individuals basic life support skills as well as chest compressions and how to properly use a bag-mask device.

PALS is geared towards healthcare providers who respond to emergencies in infants and children – this course is designed to respond to pediatric emergencies especially basic life-saving skills. Upon successful completion of both courses, students receive a course completion card, valid for two years.


Reasonable Prices, Group Discounts, Non-Profit Discounts, Family Discounts

Our Mental Health First Aid class is designed for those who are looking to become certified Mental Health First Aiders. During this program, you will be introduced appropriate action plans where you will learn self-help strategies as well as how to apply this data to real-life situations. This class is also designed to recognized and help individuals of all ages, who may be undergoing a mental health or substance problem. Our training will help you to quickly understand as well as respond to addictions and illnesses in an efficient and safe manner.


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